Statement of intent:

The facilities of Knox Presbyterian Church (Knox) are primarily available for the church members and church organizations engaging in activities approved by Knox.  It is also part of the mission of Knox to encourage and support community activities that are consistent with the mission of Knox and in no way are these policies intended to deny access to the facilities for appropriate purposes.

The guidelines below apply to rentals to third parties and do not restrict the use of the Knox facilities for the various ministries of Knox.

General Use Policies:

 Usage Limitations:

Usage of the facility will be granted only if:

  1. The event is in line with the church’s purpose and statement of faith;
  2. The event upholds the reputation of Knox;
  3. The event will not affect the property tax exempt status, charitable status or insurance coverage of Knox (accordingly, no rental will be made for commercial uses);
  4. The event will be in compliance with local fire and safety by-laws, regulations and ordinances;
  5. The event will comply with the “Leading with Care” polices adopted by Knox;
  6. There will be appropriate leadership and supervision for the event;
  7. If the event will require additional janitorial services, they are to be paid for by the Renter;
  8. The event will not conflict or interfere with scheduled activities of Knox.

Guidelines for Use:

All users of the Knox facilities must comply with the following:

  1. Deposit: A non-refundable rental deposit of 50% of rental charge is payable at the time of booking;
  2. Payment of Balance: The balance of the rental charge is payable not later than the day before the rental; and, if not paid, the rental will be cancelled and the deposit forfeited;
  3. Security: Security of the building and contents is the responsibility of Renter;
  4. Movables: Equipment, tables, chairs and furnishings are not to be moved without the consent of Knox and, if moved with consent, are to be replaced where originally located;
  5. Confetti: The use of confetti is not permitted in the premises;
  6. Candles: The use of candles is not permitted in the premises unless specifically pre-authorized (and appropriate fire prevention measures employed and precautions taken against dripping of wax);
  7. Walls: Nothing is to be attached to walls, ceilings, posts, carpets or furniture;
  8. Tobacco and Alcohol: Tobacco and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises;
  9. Animals: No pets are allowed in the building except service animals;
  10. Indemnity: The Renter agrees to indemnify and save Knox harmless with respect to any loss or damage suffered while the premises re used by the Renter;
  11. Cleanliness: The premises are to be left in a clean, undamaged and orderly state. Any additional janitorial service required to clean upon after the event will be paid by Renter;
  12. Limitation on Use: The Renter will ensure that the event is limited to that part of the premises rented and will not permit any access to or use of any other part of the facility;
  13. No responsibility: Knox has no responsibility for the actions or omissions of the Renter or of persons or property allowed or brought on the premises by the Renter.

Rental Charges:

  • Wedding in Sanctuary[1]: $ 250.00
  • Funeral in Sanctuary: $ 250.00
  • Other Use of Sanctuary: $ 300.00
  • Dorothy Swallow Hall[2]: $ 100.00
  • Kitchen:[3] $ 100.00
  • Hall & Kitchen: $ 150.00
  • Meeting Room: $ 50.00

Note 1: For rentals/weddings/funerals that do not take place during office hours a custodian fee of $60 is required for a minimum three hours of service.  $15/hour to be added after three hours.  Cheque or cash payable to the custodian.  The custodian will meet you at a pre-arranged time and stay for the duration of the event to provide support, security, and to lock up the facility.

Note 2: Should an AV person be needed for funerals and weddings a fee of $75 made payable to the AV person is required at the start of the service.

Note 3: Where the facility is rented for recurring use, special rates will be considered.

Note 4: In cases where a key needs to be issued a $50 fee will be charged if the key is not promptly returned.

Name of Renter: _____________________________________________

Phone number: ______________________________________________

Email address: _______________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________

By signing, you are agreeing to the terms as laid out in the policy above.


[1] Friday evening rehearsal/set-up included if available.

[2] Please be advised that there are 16 stairs down to the Dorothy Swallow Hall.

[3] Use of plates, cutlery  and dishes not included.